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Plumbing 101 The Basics

Most people know little about the plumbing in their homes. Turn the spigot on, water comes out. Turn on the dishwasher or washing machine, water comes out. Flush the toilet, waste goes away, fresh water fills the bowl.

In this post we look at the Basics of Plumbing, helping homeowners understand what’s going on behind the scenes in their kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

A basic understanding of how residential plumbing works will allow homeowners to make dozens of fixes or repairs themselves or — just as important — to know when to call a professional plumber or plumbing contractor for help.

In future posts we’ll dive a little bit deeper into he nuances of residential plumbing, but for now it’s just the basics.

Phantom Flushing Plumbing Auburn AL

The home’s plumbing can potentially develop a number of various leaks, with a toilet leak being a common source of wasted water. Phantom flushing occurs when the toilet spontaneously refills periodically, typically due to an issue with the fill valve or the flapper valve. Furthermore, it may waste as much as 200 gallons of water per day.

Flushing the toilet causes the flapper valve to rise, allowing the water in the tank to flow into the bowl, and providing the flush. Water leaking by the flapper valve can be due to a worn flapper not seating correctly, or an improperly adjusted chain.

Other potential causes of phantom flushing include either a faulty fill valve or one in need of adjustment. The following tips can assist you in determining the cause, or you can contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for professional repair.

Upgrading Your Shower

Not long ago a reader commented on the How To Series — thank you very much, by the way — but we, unfortunately, didn’t answer his question.

Plumbing, we cordially explained, is so immense that we’re only getting started. Plumbing isn’t like, say, HVAC — heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — that is essentially a system outside (the AC), one inside (the furnace for heat), and vents that deliver cool or heated air to each room.

Plumbing is an entire ecosystem of pipes, fittings, and connections that attach to all sorts of fixtures and plumbing “appliances” throughout the home. It’s complicated and something that most homeowners rarely mess with.

Some repairs or upgrades Do It Yourselfers (DIYers) can do themselves and some are better left to professional plumbers or plumbing contractors. We raise various topics here in order to inform homeowners and aspiring DIYers and let them decide if it’s something they want to tackle or if it’s better to call the a plumber.

So, that said, we return to the How To and answer the dear reader’s question of how to install a shower stall.

Questions To Ask A Plumber Plumbing Contractor Or Specialty Plumber When Considering For A Job

When hiring a plumber, a plumbing contractor, or a specialist, a homeowner should consider many things. Some you may think of, some you may not.

In our first post in the plumber/contractor series, we examined how to find quality plumbers and plumbing contractors.

Next we looked at the differences between plumbers and plumbing contractors — we address both specifically here — and the types of specialty plumbing available.

We conclude the series by examining what homeowners should consider when hiring a plumber, a plumbing contractor, a contractor/company, or specialist.

What Are Water Softeners And Are They Worth It

Hard water isn’t the end of the world, but it is annoying — those crusty deposit on faucets, that nasty scum on shower doors and tiles (no matter how hard you scrub), and the constant dry-feeling skin.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with hard water and the temporary fixes you’ve tired to deal with it, it may be time to consider a more permanent fix.

In this post we look at water softeners, what they are, what you should consider when buying one, and how they work.

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